Are you an author of historical fiction, looking to publish your work? To see it up there on Amazon? To hold a printed copy in your hand?
Maybe you have tried the traditional approach – sending out queries to agents – but have now decided to publish the book yourself? Or maybe you decided to go to straight to self-publishing?
But as you might already have discovered, self-publishing can be a difficult and costly process–especially if you want to give your book the best chance of success. And if you’re looking for advice, there’s hundreds of sources out there, all aiming to help you create, publish and market your work.
Of course, they’re all great; and all very authoritative, but which do you choose? It can be confusing finding your way through, when all you want to do is publish and market your book.
At Winter & Drew Publishing we want to help…
…by guiding you through the process; using our expertise to help make it quicker, simpler and better for you. Naturally if you want to self-publish properly there are costs you’ll need to cover – such as editing, cover design, proofing and formatting. We believe publishing your book should be a joint enterprise, so it’s in both our interests to make the book as good and as successful as possible! Especially as it will say ‘published by Winter & Drew Publishing Ltd’!

Stages of publishing


Send us your synopsis and first 10,000 words of the novel, so we can review and decide if this is a book we would like to work on with you. Your book should ideally be a historical novel (pre-1980s), with action and adventure at its heart. See the submission form for more details on this part of the process.


If your book is accepted, we will select the best service providers for the editing, cover design, proofing and formatting and provide a schedule of costs so you know exactly what these will be. 


This part of the process is critical – a good editor will work with you on the structure and plotting of the book to ensure it is as good as it can be, and that things like grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct.

ISBN and Cover Design

Readers buy books primarily on the cover – so it’s critical to get this right for the genre. The ISBN is the unique identifier for the book – yours will be provided by Winter & Drew Publishing Ltd (there is a charge for this).


Laying out a book for print and eBook publishing requires time and expertise. A Winter & Drew book needs to look its best!


Once the book is ready, we will work with you to get it up on the various platforms and be ready for printing. So you can hold that precious copy in your hand!

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing is key to reaching your audience. We will help you with strategies like social media campaigns, book launches, and author events – all to help maximize your sales.