About Winter and Drew

Welcome to Winter & Drew Publishing – where history comes to life.
We are a publisher of historical fiction – but with a difference.

We specialise in helping independent historical fiction authors to self-publish their books under our imprint. So if you have a manuscript you want to self-publish, but are concerned by the complexity and costs involved, we can:

  • Help you through the self-publishing process – aiming to make it faster and easier.
  • Recommend trusted suppliers of services like cover design, editing, etc, to make sure your book is top quality at the keenest cost.
  • Enable you to publish as a Winter & Drew Publishing Ltd book – giving you better credibility in the market.

We are currently accepting submissions. Read about our criteria and process for submission here.

About Jonathan Posner

Winter & Drew Publishing Ltd is the brainchild of author Jonathan Posner, who has been self-publishing Tudor-era action-adventure novels since 2015. He has built up a wealth of knowledge on the self-publishing process, as well as a network of specialist service providers. He is now keen to help new authors negotiate their way through this process, get quality books to market, and sell as many copies as possible.