Valerie Lawson

Valerie Lawson was born in Accrington Lancashire. Her childhood was spent in a number of different places; at the age of five, she and her family moved to Criccieth in Wales. After two and a half years, they moved again, this time to a town called Tawa, near Wellington in New Zealand. They then moved back to Lancashire and settled in Southport when Valerie was in her mid-teens.

It was in Southport as a young woman that Valerie met and married her husband. The marriage did not last long, and Valerie got a job working on the Isle of Man ferry out of Liverpool. From there she got work on various cruise liners, sailing all over the world.

It was this which inspired her to use her knowledge and experience as the background for an adventure story set on the high seas.

Valerie now lives in south west England and divides her time between writing, country walks and gardening.